Sergei’s I Want Abs Meal Plan Ebook


Sergei’s I Want Abs Meal Plan is a detailed 61-page ebook, which describes my current diet. This meal plan is the exact same one I followed during the making of my 2015 film titled: “I Want Abs.” This ebook is a culmination of 23+ years of experimentation, expert opinion from my trainers, and over 20 months of detailed food science research.

Ebook Contains:

• 71 delicious, healthy, easy-to-make recipes

• Tested advise about how to make your diet both satisfying and effective at shedding fat

• Gimmick-free advice about how to eat to achieve lasting results without damaging your metabolism

• Sergei’s thoughts On Veganism (after 18 years as a strict vegan)

• Expert opinion about how to cheat on your diet like a pro and why it’s a good idea to do this from time to time

•Tips on how to stay moderate and actually enjoy the process of getting fit

• A list of helpful, inexpensive kitchen tools that will enhance food preparation

• And lots more!


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