Sergei’s I Want Abs Exercise Plan Ebook


Sergei’s I Want Abs Exercise Plan is a comprehensive 70-page ebook about the exercise routine that Sergei Boutenko followed during the making of his 2015 film titled: “I Want Abs.” This ebook is a culmination of tried-and-true exercises, expert opinion from his trainers, and 15 months worth of detailed research about effective, functional fitness.

Sergei's I Want Abs Exercise Plan Ebook Contains

• Four months of effective functional fitness routines that will help you get into the best shape of your life

• Tips for how to track your progress like a boss

• Gimmick-free advice about how you should train to achieve lasting results and avoid injury

• Expert opinion about how to maximize progress (lose weight, burn fat, and build muscle)

• A list of helpful, inexpensive exercise tools that will enhance training

• And lots more!

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