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I Want Abs Fitness Challenge Episode Three: Front Crawl Swimming Technique With John Hacker

By April 2, 2016Video

Episode three now live!

About a year ago, John Hacker, my personal trainer from the movie, convinced me to jump in the pool under his supervision. I was reluctant at first, but soon found out how beneficial swimming is for strengthening core muscles and building abs. This video covers everything you’ll need to know to perform the front crawl and improve your stoke technique. By default, you’ll also be getting more fit. Hope you like it!

Want to try the workout from this video?

Here it is:

I Want Abs Fitness Challenge (Swimming Workout)

Warm up: Front Crawl 2 x 50 yards
1.) Front Crawl (5 x 50 yards)
2.) Front Crawl (6 x 25 yards)
3.) Front Crawl (1-2 x 100 yards)
Cool down: Front Crawl 2 x 50 yards

Remember to rest one minute in between sets.

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